Only Seven weekends?

Yesterday, I passed a business whose outdoor sign read, “Only seven shopping weekends before Christmas,” and all I could think is, “But I’m not done with summer!” And yet, the leaves are on the ground, the garden is dormant, and we’re approaching the end of harvest.

The lightning speed at which winter is hurling toward us seems compounded by the late spring and a crazily busy summer — on both the home and the work fronts.

On the farm, my summer days were filled with landscaping projects and wedding plans as we prepared to host the celebration of one of “our neighbor kids” (what an honor!). Along with a million other tasks, thanks to a Woods BrushBull and Mow’n Machine, we transformed a pasture into a manicured parking lot with a 200+ car capacity.

As for work, this summer marked the launches of our relationship with Massey Ferguson and our expansion into Brazil. For a marketer, these are monumental projects, wrought with excitement for the opportunities ahead — and achievable only with the talent of a strong team!

It’s no wonder that summer seems to have slipped by and dragged autumn right along with it. Now the farm is fully focused on getting the crops in (hopefully before Thanksgiving) and my work focus has turned toward 2015 planning, first quarter tradeshows, and a myriad of deadlines that all seem to align around 3/31/15.

Somewhere between now and then, I’ll need to take advantage of one of those “seven shopping weekends” to ensure Christmas doesn’t slip by.

The Summer’s Tough Jobs

Woods Equipment is focused on delivering the tools you need to make your life easier and get your jobs done more quickly. We call it “power to be more productive.”

This summer, Clippings will feature several new products and a few of our tried and true workhorses that showcase our commitment to

Kim Jones and her family run a beef cow/calf operation on 28 acres in southern Wisconsin.

Kim Jones and her family run a beef cow/calf operation on 28 acres in southern Wisconsin.

high-quality attachments and implements for those of you who enjoy working the land. You’ll see posts from Angela Kay Larson, our primary blogger, as she completes landscaping projects around her farm in northern Illinois and tells her story as a farm wife. We will also feature guest blogger, Kim Jones. She and her family run a beef cow/calf operation on 28 acres in southern Wisconsin. Kim will tackle tough jobs around the farm, as well as share adventures showing cattle and raising kids in the country.

Spring is in the Midwestern air (finally) and many of you are itching to clean-up the yard, dig in the dirt, mow the pastures, and tackle the tough jobs of summer. Share your progress with us through comments on Clippings, or posts on Facebook. We’d love to see how you are using Woods power to be more productive.