On The Fence

A few years ago, we put in a split rail fence on one side of the driveway.  I spent most of that summer fussing over the landscaping along that fence line, planting flowers and edibles that would bloom throughout the growing season.
The post holes were dug by hand, which is why we were on the fence (pun intended) about putting the fence up on the other side of the driveway that summer.  But, the time has come to complete this project and the weather is finally going to allow us to get busy. Unfortunately, the new fence will be dug by hand as well.  I keep telling my husband its good exercise.  🙂

After the fence is up, I’ll plant more flowers and edibles.  But first, we will put down some fabric to keep the weeds and grass at bay.  Last year, we planted hops vines in this area, so I’ll add flowering bulbs here with the intention of having some color most of the year along this part of the fence.  There will be a variety of lilies, some bleeding hearts and Hostas (because some of the area will be shady most of the day).  By the end of this weekend, the mulch will be added and I’ll be sitting on the porch enjoying the view of our completed project!