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New life for an old sink

What better way to spend a rainy Saturday in Illinois than to clean the basement?

Unlike most 100-year-old farmhouses, ours was built with tall ceilings and several windows, making it quite usable. However, like many 100-year-old farmhouses it has water issues, so even with this project we couldn’t escape the reminder that rain was wreaking havoc in our house and in our fields (yes, we currently have “lake front” property on what should be a corn field).

In the process of tossing out junk and installing new shelving, we rediscovered an old concrete sink that was begging for a new life. We decided it would be perfect for washing garden vegetables, or just washing up after yard work, and created a spot for it next the garden shed and the pump.

A load of gravel and a couple of old limestone slabs made the perfect foundation and our loader bucket and Alitec pallet forks made the maneuvering easy. Another “easy button” — spacing calculations and precision leveling thanks to they guys’ smart phones.

2017-05-21 16.01.22-1

2017-05-20 12.20.12Our next challenge was to figure out how to get the concrete beast up the basement stairs, through the laundry room, and out to it’s new home. A few text messages to our strongest, young friends and a heavy-duty dolly solved the dilemma. (I think I held my breath the whole time they were muscling the load up the stairs.)

We replaced the rusty metal frame with stacked cinder blocks and in a couple hours, we re-purposed a forgotten treasure into a practical garden feature.

And, as soon as it quits raining, we’ll actually be able to dig in the garden so that we have some vegetables to wash this summer.


The Summer’s Tough Jobs

Woods Equipment is focused on delivering the tools you need to make your life easier and get your jobs done more quickly. We call it “power to be more productive.”

This summer, Clippings will feature several new products and a few of our tried and true workhorses that showcase our commitment to

Kim Jones and her family run a beef cow/calf operation on 28 acres in southern Wisconsin.

Kim Jones and her family run a beef cow/calf operation on 28 acres in southern Wisconsin.

high-quality attachments and implements for those of you who enjoy working the land. You’ll see posts from Angela Kay Larson, our primary blogger, as she completes landscaping projects around her farm in northern Illinois and tells her story as a farm wife. We will also feature guest blogger, Kim Jones. She and her family run a beef cow/calf operation on 28 acres in southern Wisconsin. Kim will tackle tough jobs around the farm, as well as share adventures showing cattle and raising kids in the country.

Spring is in the Midwestern air (finally) and many of you are itching to clean-up the yard, dig in the dirt, mow the pastures, and tackle the tough jobs of summer. Share your progress with us through comments on Clippings, or posts on Facebook. We’d love to see how you are using Woods power to be more productive.