On the Point

Spring through fall, our country life extends to the north woods of Wisconsin. Nearly two years ago, we bought a rustic fishing cabin on Beautiful Lake Alice — a cabin that was once part of a resort known as Al’s Point. Al’s was our family destination every July during “Cat Vacation.” Back then, and perhaps they still do, Caterpillar (my dad’s life-time employer) shut down for the last two weeks of July and many Peoria families would flee to “the land of sky blue water” (shout out to the Hamm’s Bear) in northern Wisconsin.

Traveling to our little 450 square-foot cabin is like coming home to me. Because I spent so many weeks of my childhood and teen years on this sandy point, lake-side living feels normal at a time when the world is anything but normal.

This past week, I’ve been working from the cabin. Through the power of Microsoft Teams and my incredibly talented co-workers, we strategized, collaborated, and created as if we were in the same room. I connected with Team Members across the United States, Europe, Brazil and even China… sitting right here on Al’s Point.


One Tractor, Two Friends, Three Hours, Twelve Yards

Spreading mulch is an overwhelming project when tackled alone. Bring in a tractor with a loader and a couple friends and an afternoon of sweat equity yields beautiful results.

Twelve yards is a lot, but not enough to cover the house, garden shed, and chicken coop beds, plus trees, vegetable garden fence line, and barn plantings. Four more yards are on order!

Next chore: getting out the spade and trimmer to cut in those crisp edges. I suppose we should have done that first, but I couldn’t resist the immediate transformation of fresh mulch.