And So It Begins

First Day of Planting 2020_CaseIH 290-Kinzie Planter

Farm Log: April 26, 2020 the official first day of planting.

Capturing this detail reminds me of my grandpa Tony, a first generation American and son of Italian immigrants who settled in the rocky Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. He recorded every detail of farm life on a wall calendar (free of course, because depression-era survivors knew how to stretch every penny) that hung on the back porch. Number of eggs collected. Birth of a calf. First day of planting. These were among the many details captured by Grandpa Tony. My father-in-law, Menten, also kept a farm log. His was in a pocket planner (free of course). Menten’s notebooks also documented farm activity. Number of hay bales stowed in the mow. Birth of a calf. First day of planting.  And, his were also sprinkled with family milestones. The day a grandchild was born. A wedding was celebrated. A funeral was commemorated.

In these delightful digital days, we have blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram. A prolific bounty of visual documentation that the whole world can enjoy. And in this digital age, the next best thing to running your own equipment is watching other farmers run theirs. Thanks for that, MN Millenial Farmer, Stoney Ridge Farmer, Welker Farms. We love your farm logs. We weathered another winter watching you farm and now it’s time for us to roll.