Brasil ultrapassa o EAU

I keep connected to our Sales Team in Brazil through a chat thread on WhatsApp. This group of fun-loving professionals takes great pride in their work and have a heightened passion for all-things agriculture. Earlier this week, Mario posted a chart that projects Brazil’s leadership in soy bean production.

Mario’s post was immediately followed by several comments and emoticons (applause, high fives, thumbs up) from the team as they congratulated themselves on this milestone.

Not wanting to curb their enthusiasm, I encouraged their celebration of Brazil’s world domination of soy beans, but gently reminded them that the U.S. still dominates global corn production. I punctuated my comment with an ear corn emoticon.

We quickly discovered that there is no emoticon for a soybean and a peanut is a poor substitute. I guess corn also dominates in the emoticon world.


Mow! Mow! Mow!

The prolonged winter created a late start to the mowing season in northwest Illinois. When it finally did warm up (for a short spell) the grass took off and now we’ve had more than four inches of rain in the first 20 days of May. Who can keep up?!

My buddy Kolton is trying to tame the grounds around our buildings and the pasture to the west, but in his rush, he missed a stretch. What’s a girl to do?!

Get out the Woods Zero-turn and finish the job. Considering it all needed to be mowed again the next day, it feels like we should be mowing in two shifts.

Who can keep up?!