Georgia Grown

Georgia agriculture is one of the biggest economic engines in the state and it’s fueled by a vast array of farm products. At this week’s Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, I met cattle ranchers, sheep herdsmen, cotton farmers, peanut growers, produce farmers, and more. As a corn and soybean farmwife, I had a lot to learn and I soaked in all that Georgia Grown goodness!

My sister Mokie — who likes to enjoy my travel adventures from afar — challenged me to send selfies of me and products from the Great State of Georgia.

I started with one of the State’s most famous “food” products:

On a walk to the farm show’s field demonstrations, I stopped for some fresh churned Georgia Butter Pecan ice cream:

Out in the fields, I met a friendly Cotton and Peanut Farmer named Larry who taught me all about his crops:

The best part of Larry’s lesson, was the explanation of how peanuts are planted and harvested:

Along the way, I met two fascinating women from Baker Farms who not only taught me about their leafy greens growing and packaging operation, but took me to a cooking demonstration and shared recipes for collard greens. I hope to go back to visit their operation and taste some of the best of Georgia Grown!