I cried, “uncle”

I took on a new role at work in January and since then, I’ve had less and less time to spend in the yard. It hasn’t helped that these past few weekends of summer, I’ve traded yard work for cycling, kayaking and camping in an attempt to squeeze a bit of outdoor fun into the remaining days of warmth and sunshine.

As the days began to shorten however, I began to panic over the work undone in the yard. Unkempt flower beds, weedy fence lines, lanky shrubs, disintegrating mulch, dead flowers, fading transplants, messy sidewalk edges. All that yard work staring me down as I walked out to leave for work every morning. All that yard work shaming my Master Gardner training and standards for a perfect landscape. All that yard work weighing me down and stressing me out.

I cried, “uncle.” I released the stranglehold and called in a landscaping crew.




Watching the crew from my home office on the front porch, I could feel the grip loosening and my stress reducing. I felt a sense of achievement (and all I did was make a phone call!). I felt hope that through the mercy of professional landscapers, I’ll never cry “uncle” again.


Those annoying washouts

Our wet spring and summer meant we had to repair the lane several times. The destruction from the last gully washer in July has remained… until today.

I used our Woods HBL rear blade, turned around, to roll gravel from the grass back into the lane and then turned the rig over to Tommy for the final finessing (I know the limits of my earth-moving talents).

Next, hook up the GS72C grading scraper, fill in the ruts with more gravel, and make it look like new again.

I get to do the grading part… I’m just killing some time while I wait my turn.

Away we go!