Hooray! It’s a wheat year!

As a farm wife, one of the best benefits of crop rotation is the ever-changing landscape.

I’m working from my home office today and my desk chair gives me a perfect view of the fields to the south of our house. During this morning’s conference call on next year’s product forecast, I was temporarily distracted by the tractor sweeping across the bean stubble, planting our winter wheat.

Watching a wheat crop is joyful! It will be the first field to green up in the spring, will grow prolifically throughout early summer, then manifest the “amber waves of grain” by Independence Day.

My fun-loving, wine-drinking, city-girl friends have been itching for me to host a farm-to-fork dinner party. Looks like I’ll need to pull that together for next July, with after-dinner entertainment of wheat harvest combine rides.

Hooray! It’s a wheat year!