Harvest kicks off, gardening winds down

This week, we started cutting beans, marking the official kick-off of harvest. While it will be weeks before we can proclaim the entire season “in the hopper,” we can do so for the first field of soy beans. They are coming in dry and dusty, but initial yields are encouraging.

This week also marks the official wind-down of “gardening night” with my garden buddy Julie. We pulled out what was left of the bean bushes, some over-grown beets, and a neglected cabbage plant and hauled them down to the woods for the deer and turkey to enjoy. After all that, we still had a few more weeds to clean up and manure to spread, but nightfall comes quickly this time of year.

We retreated into the house to celebrate the end of our little harvest with garden-fresh jalapeños grilled and stuffed with Gouda and wrapped in bacon. We paired them with a bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay and toasted another season of “seeding, weeding, and feeding.”

Cheers to another successful year of gardening and the start of harvest!