“A bow for everyone”

It’s official, I’m a bow hunter! Well, at least a bow owner. I guess I can’t really claim “hunter” status until I spend hours in a tree stand and release an arrow on a whitetail.

Last night, my husband Tommy took me to Indian Trail Archers to test a few bows and I settled in on a Mission by Mathews Craze, which they market as “a bow for everyone.” It’s nothing fancy; it’s a solid, affordable bow for a first-timer. Tommy’s an avid bow hunter and Terry at the archery shop is excellent at fitting bows, so in no time, we had my bow sighted in and I was grouping arrows at 30 yards. I’m hooked!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be honing my archery skills to get ready for the season and, we’ll be putting in food plots to draw those trophy bucks out of the woods. I’m told that few things in life match the excitement of spotting that first buck from your tree stand. My new bow, just put me that much closer to the thrill.


Mocha wants to help

Our 14-year-old Labrador, Mocha, wants to help with yard clean-up. Actually, she’s contemplating how her feeble old legs are going to get her over or around that log. Both would require an amazing feat of athleticism by her standards. She’s a sweet ol’ girl who’s mind is stronger than her body.



Tuesday morning’s storm blasted through Northwest Illinois with lightening, rain and straight line winds. Our drought weary fields were in need of rain, but we could have done without the wind and its damaging forces.

We called in a tree service and asked him to take down the treacherous limbs and trim the low-hanging branches around the house. Now the yard is littered with limbs, twigs and leaves, so I’m wondering, “I need one of those new Woods Scrap Grapples!” Bring on those 3,000 lbs of clamping force and that unbeatable visibility — we’ll have this yard cleaned up in no time!

For now, it’s just me and a pair of work gloves facing the aftermath.